A basic system of microoperations and its use by Belyaev A. K.

By Belyaev A. K.

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5V) 2. Gnd 3. DIN (data in) 4. CS (load for MAX7219) 5. 3V logic, and will not tolerate higher voltages. There is the fact that DIN, CS (which is LOAD for the MAX7219) and CLK are inputs to the IC. 5V. 3V. Level Converters There is a very good solution available, however, at low cost and minimum of fuss: the 3V to 5V bidirectional level converter shown in Figure 3-2. Figure 3-2. 07 (free shipping), although they can be found for less (make sure you get one that is bidirectional). They might be advertised under different names, but I2C or IIC is almost always mentioned.

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