A dark history : the Popes : vice, murder and corruption in by Brenda Ralph Lewis

By Brenda Ralph Lewis

From dirt jacket flap. This ebook unearths a catalog of wrongdoings perpetrated by means of popes over the centuries, a list that has been in general saved from the general public eye. plenty of ancient proof with fantastically illustrated images.

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Before his GENOCIDE: THE CATHARS, PART I 43 Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse was forced to do public penance for the assassination of Pierre de Castelnau. retinue could come to his aid, a strange horseman rode swiftly towards them and killed de Castelnau with a single sword thrust in his back. Later there were rumours that the murderer was a knight in the employ of the Count ofToulouse. Raymond vigorously denied any involvement and in June 1209, even volunteered to undergo a public scourging as penance for the dark deed.

37 38 GENOCIDe: THE CATHARS, PART I their presence . Torture was designed to force out the demon possessing an individual and thereby save the victim's immortal soul. Yet despite the extreme perils involved, Christianity was still confronted from time to time not only by other religions but, perhaps more insidiously, by alternative views of its own basic tenets. One of the most pervasive of these challenges came from the Cathars, a religious sect that first arose in around 1143 in the Languedoc region of modern southwest France.

The crusader army had moved up and transferred their camp until it surrounded the walls of the town. They filled the landscape as far as the horizon with their tents, horses, campfires, flags, The town of Beziers was completely destroyed by the Albigensian 'WE WOULD RATHER DROWN' The crusader army reached its first destination, Beziers, a strongly fortified town on the River Orb in southwestern France, in late July 1209. The inhabitants were in defiant mood. Cathar and Catholic alike, they had no intention of giving in to any demands the crusaders might make.

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