A Decent Ransom: A Story of a Kidnapping Gone Right by Ivana Hruba

By Ivana Hruba

Whilst a abducted woman's husband refuses to pay her ransom, she plots revenge with the aid of her reluctant kidnapper. Discovering her husband's plan to betray her, she frames him for her personal "murder," forcing her young kidnapper into an unexpected moral drawback that may switch him forever. This shrewdpermanent and fast paced mystery blends pathos with trickery and intrigue, drawing the reader into the personal international of a susceptible 15-year-old boy who believes himself to be the savior and protector of a wronged girl.

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What about her? Whadabouda? Kenny roared, and I only just managed to move the hot jug out of the way before he jumped up. Cuffing the air in front of me, he spat sideways and shouted that I should mind my own business. A few moments passed. We stared at each other in silence. Then Kenny resumed picking his teeth and after a while whatever he found there he flicked at me, so I knew his good mood had been restored. Indeed, it wasn’t long before Kenny thawed out completely and we spent a pleasant hour in conversation.

At first, everything was quiet. Then I heard the shhhhhh sound of bare feet sliding across the floor toward me. I realized she was right behind the door. She whispered through the keyhole. Begging, pleading, her words snaked through the narrow opening and hovered above me like a genie. Let me out. For a moment, I was unable to respond. Inside my chest, my heart fluttered like a hummingbird and my head was spinning, and it felt as if I were going back in time. Once again, I was a small boy locked up in that room, feeling lonely and scared and afraid that Uncle Clem would come back.

What about the window? she suddenly whispered in a much happier tone of voice. Considering this option, I told her I’d think about it, to which she replied that she would wait by the door so I could climb in through the window without worrying about her trying to escape, which she swore she wouldn’t do after I had warned her not to try anything funny. I would be obliged to use force, I warned, not because I liked that sort of thing, but because of Kenny and what he might do, 46 n I V A N A H R U B Á should the whole thing get out of hand.

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