A Little Book of Listening Skills by Jennifer Austin Leigh, Mark Brady

By Jennifer Austin Leigh, Mark Brady

A bit publication of Listening Skills:52 crucial practices for profoundly loving your self and people is a e-book that teaches readers how one can hear with ears and hearts and to remodel their lives and the lives of others.

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A Little Book of Listening Skills

A bit e-book of Listening Skills:52 crucial practices for profoundly loving your self and folks is a e-book that teaches readers tips on how to hear with ears and hearts and to remodel their lives and the lives of others.

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Practise: Listen for generalizations and globalizations in your next several conversations. They often show up in the words described above. See if you can get the speaker to become more specific in their speech. 52 39. Say what’s useful; say what’s true Some people cant wait to “get things off their chest” or “give someone a piece of their mind” when they are presumably listening. ” However, this style of communication has a certain kind of egocentric aggressiveness in it. Skilful listeners do not respond in this way.

But skilful listeners are mindful of such biases. They bring their unconscious biases into the light of day and examine exactly how they listen to both genders, various age groups and different races, and they correct any deficits in their listening accordingly. All human beings deserve our skilful listening. We listen better when we listen to the heart of the person speaking, as opposed to their age, race or gender. Practise: This week spend time noticing if you change your listening habits and skills when you listen to men and women.

His voice trailed off. ” “No,” replied the labourer. ” Very gently, swaying with the motion of the train, the big man began to sob. “I don’t got no wife. I don’t got no home. I don’t got no job. ” Tears rolled down his cheeks; a spasm of despair rippled through his body. Now it was my turn. Standing there in my well scrubbed youthful innocence, my make-this-world-safe-for-democracy righteousness, I suddenly felt dirtier than he was. Then the train arrived at my stop. As the doors opened, I heard the old man cluck sympathetically.

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