A New World Order: Grassroots Movements for Global Change by Paul Ekins

By Paul Ekins

Ekins combines a compendium of our planet's maximum ills with stirring, real-life examples of individuals breaking out of previous moulds to develop into sensible challenge solvers.

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While the complexities of the situation are such that one will probably never be able to specify direct lines of cause and effect for the improvement in East-West relations, it is possible to make some general statements with a high probability of accuracy. The first is that whatever the USSR’s economic and other internal imperatives, it is most unlikely that Mr Gorbachev could have proceeded with his disarmament initiatives had the West seemed to Soviet eyes to be likely to attack the Eastern bloc.

However, the Brundtland Report makes one serious political error. Notwithstanding that its analysis reveals two very different causes of environmental destruction—over-consumption by rich people and countries, poverty in poor countries—it recommends a single over-arching solution to the problem, which occupied the key promotional position when the Report was launched. This solution was further economic growth. What is needed now is a new era of economic growth— growth that is forceful and at the same time socially and environmentally sustainable.

We must tell the truth about armaments, about the effectiveness of arms in conflict, for protection and for profit. 126) If we don’t want violence to overcome the whole planet, we must begin by rooting it out at home, in our own selves. The violence of each of us is our beam; we can see nothing as long as we accept it in front of our eyes. We can see nothing but ‘violence’ since everything will be perceived through it. Take the beam away and non-violence will become effective. 76) Every time we have recourse to violence, however slight it is, it is a step towards the abyss of total violence.

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