AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access: Radius, by Madjid Nakhjiri

By Madjid Nakhjiri

Even though a radical therapy of all of the correct points of the marketed components of community safeguard, the English is undesirable adequate to be ambiguous and distracting and lots of areas. A prompt paintings if the reader is ready to wait and see and diligent with the awkward use of the English language.

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This way, interim accounting provides checkpoint information that can be used to reconstruct the session record in the event that the session summary information is lost. To accomplish this, a new accounting message called interim accounting message was introduced in [RADINTDR]. Interim accounting message is sent periodically from NAS to the AAA server. It should be noted that the applicability of interim accounting is limited. For instance, in case of packet loss due to network congestion, sending interim accounting data over the wire can make the problem worse by increasing bandwidth usage.

Authentication phase: The second phase of PPP is designed to handle authentication exchanges according to the authentication protocol that was negotiated during the LCP phase of PPP. The PPP end point within the network can either authenticate the supplicant directly, or act as a mediator and pass the authentication credentials to an authentication server (or an AAA server). PPP originally supported two authentication methods: password authentication protocol (PAP) and challenge handshake protocol (CHAP).

Query the policy repository or an event log (if implemented) for an answer. – Forward the component to another AAA server, if other administrative domains are involved. ● The AAA server informs the application-specific network equipment (service equipment) about the authorization and possibly provides necessary information for setting up the service at the point it is being delivered to the user (typically network point of presence), and if needed orders that POP to report accounting data back to the AAA server.

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