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Taking more cones away makes it easier for the giants. • Game variation: Children may have more fun if you are the giant to begin with. They certainly will if you pretend to be a giant and make ‘giant noises’ when you are chasing them. • Game variation: Choose a number of participants to be giants. When a participant is a giant and she tags another participant, then the two of them switch roles for the next round. • Sport-specific: This game can be adapted to sports that involve dribbling, such as hockey or soccer.

Choose one participant to be a detective and ask him to stand in the centre of the circle. When you have explained the rules of the game, ask the detective to cover his eyes. Now choose one of the other participants to be a criminal by pointing at him, making sure all of the other participants in the circle know who the criminal is. Make sure the detective does not peek so he does not know who the criminal is. Have the criminal start performing an exercise, such as star jumps, punching the air above his head, jumping from side to side, running on the spot or any other physical exercise that can be done in one place.

If you see a leader moving too quickly , call ‘change’. 24 • Leaders must stay inside the playing area. If they run out of it, their opponent gains the point. • Remind participants to keep their own scores. • Change partners after each game to maintain motivation. Partners should start the new game with zero points. • You may want to match participants by ability. , 2) after you have called ‘stop’. • Game variation: Pairs move around with the chasers staying between 2 and 4 metres behind their partners.

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