Agypten und Levante XVIII Egypt and the Levant XVIII by Manfred Bietak

By Manfred Bietak

Contents: B. Bader, G.K. Kunst und U. Thanheiser, Knochen, Korner und Keramik, Interdisziplinare Auswertung einer Opfergrube aus 'Ezbet Helmi; M. Bietak, okay. Kopetzky, L.E. Stager, and R. Voss, Synchronisation of Stratigraphies: Ashkelon and inform el-Dab'a; J. Budka, Neues zu den Nutzungsphasen des Monumentalgrabes von Anch-Hor, Obersthofmeister der Gottesgemahlin Nitokris (TT 414); I. Forstner-Muller, T. Herbich, C. Schweitzer, and M. Weissl, initial document at the Geophysical Survey at inform el-Dab'a/Qantir in Spring 2008; P. Fuscaldo, The Nubian Pottery from the Palace District of Avaris at 'Ezbet Helmi, components H/III and H/VI half III: The "Classic" Kerma Pottery from the second one Intermediate interval and the 18th Dynasty; A. Hassler, Mykenisches in Amarna Funde der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft im Agyptischen Museum Berlin; A. Hassler and F. Hoflmayer, Mostagedda 1874 and Gurob 23: Notes on a few contemporary Radiocarbon Dates and Their value for Egyptian Archaeology and Chronology; F. Hoflmayer, Das Ende von SM IB: naturwissenschaftliche und archaologische Datierung; S. Laemmel, initial file at the Pottery from region Q IV at Qantir/Pi-Ramesse, Excavations of the Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim; E.S. Marcus, Y. Porath, R. Schiestl, A. Seiler, and S.M. Paley, the center nation Egyptian Pottery from heart Bronze Age IIa Tel Ifshar; E.S. Marcus, Y. Porath, and S.M. Paley, The Early heart Bronze Age IIa levels at Tel Ifshar and Their exterior kinfolk; M.A.S. Martin, Egyptians at Ashkelon? An Assemblage of Egyptian and Egyptian-Style Pottery; T. Schneider, Das Ende der kurzen Chronologie: Eine kritische Bilanz der Debatte zur absoluten Datierung des Mittleren Reiches und der Zweiten Zwischenzeit; T. Schneider, Innovation in Literature on Behalf of Politics: the story of the 2 Brothers, Ugarit, and nineteenth Dynasty heritage; H. Tronchere, F. Salomon, Y. Callot, J.-P. Goiran, L. Schmitt, I. Forstner-Muller, and M. Bietak, Geoarchaeology of Avaris: First effects.

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Ox 2 Md. = 10,7–11,1; Wd. ) 8984V – Modellschale, vollständiges Profil, ZN 17/2007 (Taf. 1i) Sit. 8, FN 112, H = 3,46 m TG Ie4 mi W1 gesp. ox 2–3 Md. = 12,3–12,5; Wd. ) K9657-14 – Bechervase, Unterteil, gezeichnet (Taf. 7b) Sit. 8, FN 113, H = 3,40 m RFTG Ib2 mi W1 gesp. D. = 11,4; Wd. ) 8984X – Modellschale, vollständiges Profil, ZN 15/2007 (Taf. 1j) Sit. 9, FN 114, H = 3,43 m TG 29 Ib2/e4 mi W1 gesp. ox 2 Vgl. B. BADER, Processing and Analysis of Ceramic Finds at the Egyptian Site of Tell el-Dabca, in: B.

Areal A/V – Siedlungsrelikte der Späten 2. Zwischenzeit, Verlag der Akademie der Wissenschaften, UZK 21, Wien. ORTON, C. 1975 FUSCALDO, P. T. NICHOLSON, I. ), Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology. Cambridge. Quantitative Pottery Studies: Some Progress, Problems and Prospects, Science and Archaeology 16 (1975), 30–35. , VINCE, A. 1993 Pottery in Archaeology, Cambridge Manuals in Archaeology, Cambridge. GERMER, R. OTTO, E. 2002 1960 Die Heilpflanzen der Ägypter, Düsseldorf, Zürich. , 2001 Vorläufige Bilanz und Untersuchungen zur Keramik aus Ezbet Helmi, speziell Areal H/V, Ä&L 11, 121–147.

Gypten und Levante/Egypt and the Levant 18, 2008, 49–60 © 2008 by Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien Lanny Bell is studying and publishing this group of sealings. 50 Manfred Bietak, Karin Kopetzky, Lawrence E. Stager and Ross Voss Fig. 1 Important common features between Tell el-Dabca, phase H and Ashkelon phase 14 and Tell el-Dabca phases G/4 and G/1–3 and the Moat Deposit in Ashkelon between the phases 14 and 13 Synchronisation of Stratigraphies: Ashkelon and Tell el-Dabca Fig.

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