Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation: Clinical Research and by Frederick R. Appelbaum MD (auth.), Mary J. Laughlin MD,

By Frederick R. Appelbaum MD (auth.), Mary J. Laughlin MD, Hillard M. Lazarus MD (eds.)

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Conversely, patients who are BCR/ABL+ following transplantation seem to be at high risk for subsequent relapse. 025) (48). The prognostic significance of the PCR assay remained after controlling for other variables that could influence relapse risk. The risk of relapse was greater for patients with a p190 fusion transcript than for those with p210 BCR/ABL. The median time from detection of a positive PCR result to relapse was 94 d. Additional insights into the kinetics of disappearance of BCR/ABL will be obtained from current studies using real-time PCR techniques to quantify transcript number reproducibly (49,50).

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