Ambassador Frederic Sackett and the Collapse of the Weimar by Bernard V. Burke

By Bernard V. Burke

This e-book information the makes an attempt of yankee Ambassador Frederic Sackett to save lots of the Weimar Republic, in achieving German nationalist pursuits, and thwart Adolf Hitler's force to energy. Very early in his tenure in Berlin, Sackett observed Hitler and the Nazis as a significant risk to the Weimar Republic and to peace in Europe. even if before everything the yank idea that misrule by means of incompetent and inefficient Nazis could pave the best way for a communist kingdom, in time he got here to work out Hitler because the genuine hazard to democracy in Germany.

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Schurman to Hoover, 5 February 1929, A time of opportunity 17 While the Hoover administration began its search for a man with the business experience, adequate wealth, and proper Republican party credentials for the embassy in Berlin, the critical domestic issue in Kentucky emerged to solve the diplomatic problem in Germany and at the same time untangle the political snarl that had developed in the Bluegrass State. The solution to the problem was the appointment of Senator Sackett as ambassador in Berlin.

Because it called for the renunciation of war without providing any sanctions, twenty-three nations signed it, including the United States and Germany. All was proceeding well, except that Germany wanted the Rhineland evacuated and France wanted a clearer policy on reparations than the open-ended Dawes Plan. " The Germans wanted American participation as a moderating influence, but this time the United States was not enthusiastic about becoming involved, even through the participation of private citizens.

Titled Germans also were able to inform the German government about American policy after talking with Sackett. See, for example, Baron von Lersner-Nieder Erlenbach to State Secretary Bernhard von Biilow of the German Foreign Ministry, 17 December 1931, German Foreign Ministry Records, Microfilm Reel 1661, Frame D730140, hereafter cited GFMR with reel and frame numbers. 64 Sir David Kelly, The Ruling Few, 195; a British diplomat's wife claimed that entertaining impoverished aristocrats was especially the case in the British and American embassies, Child, The Social Side of Diplomatic Life, 37, 40.

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