Ancient Egypt by Jon White (ed.)

By Jon White (ed.)

Step again in time and stroll the banks of the River Nile to benefit what made this society essentially the most robust old civilisations in historical past. Meet one of the most iconic pharaohs, travel the awe-inspiring landmarks raised of their honour, establish the spiritual tenets that dictated way of life or even discover ways to learn the hieroglyphs!

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34 The apparent peace did not last long. Already poisoned by the ambitious whispers that had fed his youth, Ptolemy joined with his rebellious sister Arsinoe IV. Between them they amassed an army large enough to challenge Cleopatra and Caesar’s forces in Egypt. The country they fought for would pay the price, and in December of 48 BCE the famous stone city of Alexandria was set alight, destroying not only the lives of hundreds of citizens, but also the world-famous library that housed countless priceless manuscripts.

Cleopatra was actually rare in that she could speak Egyptian, unlike many of her predecessors. She wore a fake beard The concept of female Egyptian queens sporting fake beards comes from the Egyptian belief that the god Osiris had a grand beard, prompting Egyptian pharaohs to do the same to establish themselves as divine beings. But by the time of Cleopatra this tradition had all but died out, and there’s no record of her donning a fake beard. In fact, the only female pharaoh known to have worn one is Hatshepsut.

The Hittite forces pursued the decimated Egyptian army all the way to Ramesses’ camp, crashing easily through the porous Egyptian defences and battling their way toward the royal tents themselves. ” This was the moment that saw the birth of Ramesses the Great. The pharaoh took to his chariot and sliced through the Hittite ranks, cutting down the foe with his bow while rallying his troops to battle. The image of Ramesses on his golden chariot — his bow drawn back in deadly fury, his wheels rolling over the crushed bodies of his enemies — is carved into the walls of more Egyptian temples than any other story in the empire’s 3,000-year history.

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