Ancient Egyptian Administration by Juan Carlos Moreno García

By Juan Carlos Moreno García

'Ancient Egyptian management' offers the 1st accomplished assessment of the constitution, association and evolution of the pharaonic management from its origins to the top of the past due interval. The e-book not just specializes in paperwork, departments, and authentic practices but additionally on extra casual concerns like patronage, the bounds within the real workout of authority, and the competing pursuits among associations and factions in the ruling elite. moreover, common chapters dedicated to the best-documented classes in Egyptian background are supplemented by way of extra targeted ones facing particular data, areas, and administrative difficulties. the quantity hence produced through a global group of prime students should be an critical, updated, device of study masking a much-neglected element of pharaonic civilization.

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90 Helck, Thinitenzeit, 192. 91 It mentions a t¡jtj z¡b t̠¡tj: Emery, Great Tombs II, 127, Fig. 200; Helck, Thinitenzeit, 234; G. Dresbach, “Zu einem Siegelabdruck mit dem Namen des Qa’a”, in: In Pharaos Staat. Festschrift für Rolf Gundlach zum 75. Geburtstag, D. Bröckelmann and A. Klug, eds. (Wiesbaden, 2006), 19–26 doubts this reading. -P. Lacau and P. ; Cairo, 1965), 1–3 [1], Fig. 1–4, Pl. 1 [1–7]; dating to Ninetjer according to Helck, Thinitenzeit, 197 or to Khasekhemwy according to I. Regulski, “Second Dynasty Ink Inscriptions from Saqqara paralleled in the Abydos Material from The Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH) in Brussels”, in: Egypt at its Origins, 961–964.

93 Helck, Thinitenzeit, 218, 233–234; Wilkinson, Early Dynastic Egypt, 137–139. Baud, Djéser, 180 doubts the existence of a vizier before the 2nd Dynasty. 94 Helck, Thinitenzeit, 234. the organisation of a nascent state 33 Merka. 99 The interpretations of this title range from “königlicher Jägermeister”100 and “administrator”101 to leader of an expedition102 (see below), options which need not exclude each other. 105 In contrast to the wealth of material discovered in the élite tombs at Abydos, Saqqara, Naqada and other sites, evidence is rather scarce during the 2nd Dynasty and limited to a few seal impressions for the first kings of that dynasty.

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