Angels Are Everywhere. What They Are, Where They Come From, by Karen Romano Young

By Karen Romano Young

WHAT they're, the place they arrive FROM, AND WHAT THEY DO

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Steiner said that people were most aware of their angels in childhood and in old age. BRANCHES AND WINGS Very little was added to angel lore for hundreds of years, up to the twentieth century, when people stopped telling stories about the heavens, and actually began to go there in spaceships. BOOK ANGEL In Skellig by David Almond, Michael finds a winged, man-size creature, injured and starving in a garage. The Space Age made angel stories come alive again, as people wondered whether even the oldest stories—Ezekiel’s encounter with multi-eyed seraphim, Enoch’s tales of brilliant cherubim and the whirling wheels of angels called “thrones”—were really descriptions of extraterrestrials who came to Earth from other planets.

Cupid shows up on Valentine’s Day to shoot his arrow at lovers to make them find each other more appealing. He has wings, and nowadays he looks like a cherub—that is, a putti, a fat baby angel. In the past, Cupid looked more like an angel—usually a young, male one. But Cupid has his roots in mythology. He is modeled on the Greek god Eros (or the Roman god Amor), who was the god of love. So the angels nearest Earth are actually the lowest of the angels. Like all angels, they are without sin. They are tempted by being human, but if they sin, they can no longer be angels.

ANGEL PLACES The ancient city of Mahanaim, in what is now Jordan, was named by Jacob, who camped there. Mahanaim means “two camps,” referring to Jacob’s camp and to the camp of the angels who visited him there. Mahanaim was situated along the Jabbok River in what is now Jordan, across the river from Penuel, where Jacob would go next—and wrestle an angel all night. What do angels write? They write your name in the book of life. The malaika of Islam are guardians to mankind. They keep track of everyone’s doings in writing at Allah’s command, except for when Allah himself does the writing.

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