Arctic Trucker by Joseph Gustaitis

By Joseph Gustaitis

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Dalton Highway, Alaska, 8–9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 23–25, 27 Page numbers in bold type are for photos, maps, and illustrations. , 17 permafrost, 8, 13 portages, 7, 10 preparation and repair, 19–21, 20, 21, 25 Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 9, 10, 13, 27 Siberia, Russia, 9 snow poles, 13 thaws, 8, 10, 27 Tibbitt to Contwoyto Road, Canada, 9, 10, 10, 23 traction, 11, 11 training and skills, 11, 14, 19, 24, 25 tundra, 13, 15, 27 United States, 7, 10, 27, 29 uranium, 7 weather conditions, 4, 5, 8, 13, 27 winds, 5, 13 women as truck drivers, 25, 26, 27 Yellowknife, Canada, 7, 10, 23 Yukon Territory, Canada, 9, 10 About the Author Joseph Gustaitis is a freelance writer and editor living in Chicago.

Avalanche: A sliding of a large amount of snow down the side of a mountain. blimp: An aircraft that is lighter than air and propels itself. cargo: Goods carried by a large vehicle. Cat train: A system of freight hauling that uses earthmovers built by the Caterpillar company. grader: A machine used to surface and repair roads. hovercraft: A vehicle that rides over land or water on a cushion of air. insulation: A material that is used to protect against heat or cold or to deaden sound. North Slope: The region of Alaska that borders the Arctic Ocean.

To get one of these licenses, a person needs to pass a written test and a driving test. A truck driving school can help a driver prepare for the tests. S. Department of Transportation. Canada has similar requirements. Drivers looking for work often search online for companies that are hiring Arctic truckers. The website “Canadian Truckers” has names of Canadian companies that hire truck drivers. The Canadian immigration office accepts requests from non-Canadians who are looking for truck driving jobs in Canada.

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