Aristoteles' "Politik". Akten des XI. Symposium by Gunther Patzig

By Gunther Patzig

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And that-until the thirteenth century, when wider views prevailed-seems to have been all. The spirit of the enquiry was too narrow to inspire great results: we do not feel that we are face to face with real people, but only with arguments regarded at best as absurd, and at worst as filthy, deceitful and insane. " the glossator commented: "See the simplicity of the madman who thinks that flying birds are supported not by air but by the miraculous power of God. " These are the words of a man in the Schools, seeking points of controversy, not points ofcontact.

Ganshof, Note sur un passage de la vie de S. Geraud d'Aurillac (Melanges N. Iorga, Paris, 1933,295-307). 2Instituta regalia et ministeria camerae regum Langobardorum et honorantiae civitatis Papiae (ed. A. Hofmeister in M. G. , Scriptores, XXX (1934) p. 1444). The document has recently been discussed by J. Lestocquoy, The Tenth Century (Economic History Review, 1947, 1-14); but he does not understand that the gens Anglicorum et Saxorum who appear so prominently in the document are the Anglo-Saxons, and not "those of England and Saxony".

In the eastern Mediterranean, Venice was more favourably placed. Her long cOlUlexion with Constantinople gave her a privileged position among the traders of that great city and her ships provided a slender, but very tenacious, link. between East and West. It was a link of vital importance for Europe, not so much for the precious cloths and condiments which it brought in, as for the artistic and intellectual influences which accompanied these goods. between the West and the great centres ofwealth and trade in the eastern Mediterranean.

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