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Армии арабского халифата. Военная система последователей учения пророка Мухаммеда, новой идеологической силы, возникшей на просторах аравийских пустынь. Тактика и стратегия арабов отличалась великолепной гибкостью, слаженностью и гармоничностью. Арабские полководцы умели блестяще реализовывать принципы боевойподготовки войск. Они умело сочетали маневр и натиск, придавая большое значение вооружению и оснащению войск, внедрению в практику походов современных им методов разведки и боя.

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The winner of the combat attunes the focus to his thoughts. Similarly, if a psionic gains possession of a focus attuned to another living psionic and engages that psionic in psionic combat at normal range, his psionic attacks always do maximum damage. ‘In your eyes I see the truth. Yes, yes! The necklace the Queen wears; it is indeed a focus. A most powerful one. Bought, I think, from demons. By her ancestors. ’ For the first time in his life, Alred lost control. The new Queen, who had seemed a benign panacea to the kingdom’s ills, was the final root of the evils plaguing the court.

35 PRESTIGE CLASSES Psionic Prestige Classes Once the period of service ends, the death shadow is theoretically able to seek employment elsewhere. However, most governments have little interest in allowing such a dangerous free agent in their borders. Nor do they wish to see the death shadow offer his services to another country. The lengths to which his former employers go to insure that the death shadow does not cause undue problems depends entirely on how much of a fuss the death shadow makes.

While wearing the cloak, ranged attacks targeting you have a 5% chance to miss per manifester level (to a maximum of 50%). Furthermore you radiate light in a 5 feet radius that causes creatures sensitive to light to have a -1 penalty to melee attack rolls. 31 NEW PSIONIC POWERS Range: 20 ft. Area: Semicircular plane of shearing, 20 ft. long, centred on your hands Duration: Instant Saving Throw: Reflex half Power Resistance: Yes Power Points: 15 Even though one creature will have had replayed its round, other creatures interacting with it in the reedited round do not get to re-roll attacks of opportunity or anything else that reacts to his stated actions; only the creature affected makes new rolls.

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