Environmental Electrochemistry. Fundamentals and by Krishnan Rajeshwar

By Krishnan Rajeshwar

  • ''This booklet is a wonderful treatise at the basics of recent electrochemistry and its functions to the answer of analytical and remedial environmental problems...readable by means of engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, and different technical individuals proficient on the point of complex undergraduate scholars and beyond...''
    --James F. Rusling, college of Connecticut, magazine of yank CHEMICAL SOCIETY

    ''Explores the appliance of electrochemical and photochemical tips on how to pollutants sensors and abatement. meant for either an environmental professional viewers and for the practising electrochemist, the point of interest is the confident function that electrochemical technological know-how and engineering can play within the detection, quantification, and therapy of environmental pollutants.''
    --REFERENCE & learn e-book NEWS

    ''...this publication provides probably the most glossy ways to sensing and remediating pollution, and does in comprehensively...''
    --Hal Reichard, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING growth, September 1999

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