Operation Crossroads, the official pictorial record by Joint Task Force One Office of the Historian

By Joint Task Force One Office of the Historian

Operation Crossroads: The reputable Pictorial checklist. released in 1946 by way of The workplace of the Historian of U.S. Joint job strength One, the army coalition in command of Operation Crossroads, it records in images the setup and deployment of a nuclear try operation that concerned over 42,000 humans and the detonation of 2 bombs.

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In Washington C. Vice Admiral W. H. P. Blandy, Commander JTF-I, and Maj. General W. E. Kepner, Deputy Task Force Commander for Aviation (both standing) and Brig. General T. S. Power (kneeling) study a "mock-up" of the air operation planned for Test D. Able. The Air Plan, a sizable annex to the OperaPlan, specified position and course of each plane to be airborne on Able Day. Planes were provided for: bomb, pressure-gages, weather recameras, radiological connaissance, reconnaistion sance, drone boat control, and observers.

American Harbor. sailors take over in Boston page 39 PUT THAT PISTOL DOWN. The "Prinz Eugen" is stripped of her armament at the Philadelphia Navy Yard prior to continuing to Bikini for a place in the target array. Bottled up in Gdynia during the closing years of the war, the "Eugen" was handed over intact to British Naval authorities when Germany surrendered. She made the trip to America a German crew, Americans replacing the Germans at Boston and Philadelphia. She was of with all-welded construction.

At 190 miles west of Bikini, a BFlying Fortress drone plane with its landing flaps down eases in over the beach to a three-point landing. Landings and take-offs of these huge crewless planes are controlled by transmitters on Enlwetok Island, 1 the ground. Here the transmitter is mounted in the jeep shown below the plane. Once in the air the drones are controlled by "mother" planes flyPrior to Operation Crossroads, ing near them. smooth radio-control of planes the size of Flying Fortresses had been thought virtually impossible.

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