The Curtain Within: Haida Social and Mythical Discourse by Marianne Boelscher

By Marianne Boelscher

The Curtain Within explores the administration of social roles and emblems to accomplish numerous pursuits by way of humans dwelling in a contemporary Haida neighborhood. Moiety and lineage, social rank, the principles of entitlement to inherited estate, and the mode of proposal encoded in mythology nonetheless have strength in Haida society. Political motion didn't and doesn't happen in the context of formal political associations; as a substitute it exists during the administration of the symbols of social relationships and of entitlement to tangible and intangible property.

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Ahl Tlaanas. These, however, had members who resided at Yaan, where he was indeed born. Moreover, his stepfather had been a Stl'ang Vlaanas chief of Yaan. Yet, not being of the owner-lineage of the town, his claim to its coownership, expressed as "coming from" the town, was denied. As corporations, the lineages are further characterized by networks of mutual rights and obligations among their members which are symbolized by kinship terms. Obligation among lineage mates is informal. It takes the form of pooling resources for feasts and potlatches, of the imperative of mutual assistance and solidarity (see Chapter 4).

Many of these, however, at least in historic times, were camping places rather than permanent winter villages. Xaada Gwaay, the Queen Charlotte Islands, is an archipelago comprising two large and some 150 smaller islands sixty kilometres south of the Alaskan panhandle and eighty kilometres off the British Columbia coast (see Figure 1). The Islands' geography is dominated by the ubiquitous ocean pounding the beaches and rocky shores. A mountain chain forms the Islands' backbone, while the northeast portion is covered with deep swamps.

The month names metaphorically express observations of events in the natural environment and their relevance for economic activity, or, in the case of the coldest month kong gyaangaas, a rather humorous reaction to the weather this month usually brings (see Table 1). aay Gwaalgee Kong Koaans July/August Sgaana Ggyaas August/September K'iijaas September/October K'algyaa Kongaas October/November K'eedladii November/December Jid Kongaas December/January Kong Gyaangaas January/February Hlgidguun Kongaas February/March Taan Kongaas March April Xiid Gyaas Wiid Gyaas Meaning "Month when the berries are forming" "The weather is still somewhat cold" "Great month" The weather becomes warm and food becomes plentiful "Killer whale month" When cedar-bark is stripped from the trees it sounds like the blowing killer whales.

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