The Frog Princess by E. D. Baker

By E. D. Baker

Princess Emeralda a.k.a. Emma is not precisely a great princess. Her giggle is extra like a donkey's bray than tinkling bells, she journeys over her personal toes and he or she doesn't like Prince Jorge, whom her mom hopes she is going to marry. but when Emma ever idea to flee her problems, she by no means anticipated it to occur by way of changing into a frog! whilst confident to kiss a frog so he could go back to being a prince, by some means the spell is reversed and Emma becomes a frog herself! hence starts off their adventure-a quest to come back to human form.

Fascinating and hilarious characters starting from a self-conscious yet pleasant bat to a shockingly unswerving snake and a smart eco-friendly witch be certain that readers will not quickly omit this madcap story.

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The thought was depressing, considering how many people already regarded me as odd. There was only one solution: I was going to have to get myself turned back as quickly as possible. Six Daylight was fading as Eadric escorted me to his lily pad, which was tucked in a quiet backwater of the stream. It was a large, smooth pad, floating near the overhanging branches of a weeping willow. I tried to climb onto it, but it kept sagging under me, dumping me back into the water. After I'd tried three or four times, Eadric got impatient and shoved me onto it from behind.

A small apple-green snake lay coiled among the parchments, soaking up the sun's warmth. " I asked. I hopped out of my chair and crossed the room to stand beside my aunt. The snake raised its head and flicked its tongue in my direction. Shuddering, I stepped back a pace or two. Although the creature had lived with my aunt for many years, I had never grown used to its presence. There were few things I feared in the world more than snakes, regardless of the temperament or type. "I was cataloging my parchments when I came across the spell for ducklings.

I'll tell you what. " "Fine with me," I said. " Frog grinned. " He hopped to the edge of the log and plopped into the water. I followed close behind, worried that I might lose sight of him. With Frog leading the way, we headed back downstream. Swimming with the current was much easier, and I was surprised at how quickly we reached the pond. Suddenly, Frog motioned for me to stop, and even though I couldn't understand why, I remembered my promise to follow his lead. Sneaking a look past him, I saw what he had already noticed.

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