Whole Body Hyperthermia: Biological and Clinical Aspects by Dr. Michel Gautherie (auth.), Dr. Michel Gautherie (eds.)

By Dr. Michel Gautherie (auth.), Dr. Michel Gautherie (eds.)

1. 1 history neoplastic illnesses that are at present refractory to standard treatment. All features of either preclinical Anticancer results of increased (noncauterizing) tem­ and medical WBH, starting from molecular biology perature have been first saw in historic Egyptian instances and body structure to WBH methodologies and medical (Oleson and Dewhirst 1983). Hippocrates trials, could be comprehensively reviewed. it really is our in­ (460-377 B. C. ) later integrated fever treatment right into a tention to supply the reader with a definitive source homeopathic method of sickness (Le. , treating a dis­ of to guage the present prestige and destiny capability ease with a symptom of that disease). within the fourth WBH. In so doing, we'll try to current the vari­ century, Refus of Ephesus encouraged using fever ous views and insights derived from the efforts induction to regard malignant ailments (Kluger 1980). of investigators during the international. we are hoping this within the 19th century tumor regressions accompa­ will motivate an improved investigative dedication nying excessive fevers have been suggested either by way of Busch and to this fascinating and cutting edge method of melanoma Bruns (Busch 1866; Bruns 1888). on the finish of the therapy.

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1 2 D. FITZGERALDI, I. PASTAN , and J. ROBERTUS advent . . . . . . . . . . . . . I 2 Toxin Structure-Function homes 2 2. 1 features. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 2. 2 Binding. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . three three Intracellular Processing - Cleavage and relief .

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And Ishida 1982; Teicher et al. 1981 b) + (Haas et al. 1984; Kamura et al. 1979; Koga et al. 1984) Mitoxantrone + (Herman 1983a; Ohnoshi et al. ,d Raila 1985) Platinum compounds Carboplatin + (Cohen and Robins 1987; Cohen et al. 1989a,b, 1990; Cohen and Robins 1990b) + (Tapazoglou et at. 1988; Page et al. 1989) Cisplatin + (Barlogie et al. 1980; Cohen et al. 1989a; Fisher and Hahn 1982; Hahn 1979; Herman et al. 1982a; Klein et al. 1977; Meyn et al. 1980; Neumann et al. 1985; Roizin-Towle and Hall 1982) + (Alberts et al.

A final possibility is that cytokinetic effects of hyperthermia or drugs may help to explain some observations of thermal sensitization such as that seen between 5-FU and hyperthermia in one study (Mini et aI. 1986). This possibility, which needs to be confirmed, is only applicable to 5-FU at this time. The preceding discussion summarizes the types of processes which could be involved in thermal chemosensitization. These disparate observations are compatible with several reasonable scenarios. , Meyn et aI.

1974; Steeves et al. 1987). 0 DC hyperthermia for 1 h (Raaphorst et al. 1983). 0 DC (for 5 min) (Raaphorst et al. 1983). Clearly, it is not possible to suggest an optimal general treatment sequence that would apply to all tumor types. It is equally difficult to prescribe an ideal sequence and interval for a given type of tumor as even very similar cell lines can exhibit qualitatively different behaviors (Cohen et al. 1988). As an example, we might consider JM, MOLT3~ MOLT4 - three human, T cell, acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines which have very similar nutritional requirements and proliferation rates in vitro (Cohen et al.

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